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» » » Kincsem Wellness Hotel

Kincsem Wellness Hotel

Hungary Kisbér, Kossuth u. 69-71.
GPS cooordinates: 47.5050485 18.0189911Map

Rating 8.6/10 (146 According to opinions)

Average 8.6







Hygiene, Comfort


Kindness of the Staff


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Kincsem  Wellness Hotel Hungary Kisbér, Kossuth u. 69-71.


Opinions, ratings...

Very kind staff, nice superior room, the wellness satesfies every needs
Date of your stay here 2014. February,
Good review:
I liked the cleanness, kind staff, breakfast with choice.
Bad review:
The restaurant was small.
Written by: 10/2/2014 5:20 pm10/2/2014
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The hotel has family atmosphere and it is not just a slogen
Date of your stay here 2014. January,
Good review:
With my family we share the same opinion that the descripion of Kincsem Wellness Hotel can be this: "the hotel with family atmosphere".
The wellness was immaculate. For us the complain of the previous guests wasn't a problem because we didn't feel cold. The air was pleasantly warm and the temperature of the air and water as well. The...  More»
Written by: 6/1/2014 12:47 pm6/1/2014 1
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Date of your stay here 2013. July,
Good review:
It is very good that there is a pool at the hotel and the garden had good formation too. The food was delicious and we received appropriate portion.
Bad review:
We were shocked when we saw that one of the neighbour of the hotel is Tüzép, the market is the other and our room was situated in a busy road. There is no problem with the hotel itself but I won't go again because it is situated in a disappointing environment. Unfortunately, it was our fault because we didn't get enough information about the hotel.
Written by: 5/1/2014 6:07 pm5/1/2014 6
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A little bit retro weekend
Date of your stay here 2013. July,
Good review:
I liked the wellness, the kind staff and the spacious garden.
Bad review:
The room and the bathroom wasn't appropriate for our taste.
The cable was sticked out from the wall, the mirror was a plastic one from the 70-s, ugly plastic silkflower, uncomfortable bed and dirty walls.
the bill was a checked paper but we didn't even get it.
Written by: 5/1/2014 5:42 pm5/1/2014 5
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Date of your stay here 2012. June,
Bad review:
I liked the staff and the food.
Written by: 15/6/2013 3:45 pm15/6/2013
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