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Hotel Silvanus - Conference & Sport Hotel

Hungary Visegrád, Fekete-hegy 0134 hrsz.
GPS cooordinates: 47.7829694 18.9733392Map

Rating 9.3/10 (830 According to opinions)

Average 9.3







Hygiene, Comfort


Kindness of the Staff


Price/ Value rate

Hotel Silvanus - Conference & Sport Hotel Hungary Visegrád, Fekete-hegy 0134 hrsz.


Rating: 9.3
Hygiene, Comfort7
Kindness of the Staff10
Price/ Value rate9
10/8/2011 10:28 pm Written by: krisztici
2011. July,
It is a very pleasant place. This is a real "great hostel". Although, we bought the cheaper category room through Gulliver which has a view of the Danube-Bend or the forest or the tower. However, I hoped secretly that the view would be more than trees. So, I was glad that we had a view of the citadel from our balcony. It was the best when it was lightened in the evening.
The room was stylishly furnished and the children's bed was prepared in advance as well.
We received half-board. The dinner was very delicious. I would like to highlight the woodland deer tenderlion with mushrooms: softly-marinated tenderlion, delicious mushrooms in excellent brown sauce, divine. The run-out food was continuously resupplied.
Because of the terrible weather this year we spent a lot of time at the wellness.
It is a pleasant place where our two-year old child enjoyed him/herself very much in the pool with plenty of water jet. We received robes and extra wellness towels. (we didn't have to bring from the room)
When my husband told them that I had birthday that day, a birthday card was waiting for me in the room. I was suprised after filling in the evaluation form, I received a letter from the hotel in which they thanked my remarks and they promised to improve the things I
objected. They invited us for another stay.
I go if I can afford it.
Compared to the big and spacious hotel the parking is very messy. Although, it is an area closed by a barrier but if we came home later finding a safe parking place was a challenge.
At the wellness I missed the foot washing in front of the pool. Moreover, the pavement was very slippery. The drink for dinner had to pay seperately, which was really expensive.