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Hotel Silvanus - Conference & Sport Hotel

Hungary Visegrád, Fekete-hegy 0134 hrsz.
GPS cooordinates: 47.7829694 18.9733392Map

Rating 9.3/10 (830 According to opinions)

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Hygiene, Comfort


Kindness of the Staff


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Hotel Silvanus - Conference & Sport Hotel Hungary Visegrád, Fekete-hegy 0134 hrsz.


Rating: 6.2
Hygiene, Comfort3
Kindness of the Staff9
Price/ Value rate4
1/12/2011 8:43 pm Written by: pohl
2011. November,
Breakfast, steam and sauna.
We would have liked to spend a pleasant wellness weekend here in the end of November. When we entered we have already felt that the heating will be insufficient. The hall was "cool". We turned the heating maximum in the room and the temperature reached the 21-22 degrees for the evening. In the elevator-on the way to the wellness-we were cold. The temperature was 24 degrees on the first day at the wellness, the other day just 23. The swimming pool instead of the prescribed 27-29 degrees was just 25. (We measured it). The other pools were warmer but after a short time we had to come out because we felt it cool. The sauna and the steam was appropriate but it is not suprising that after coming out from there we almost got frozen. In the great pool after 2 handstrokes we were almost shaking. The other day as a result of the cool water and area I had cold and had fever. So, I was just lying with two blankets in my room. That's it. We came home a day earlier. One more thing: the whole hotel is unfriendly dark where there is light, the bulb is only 25. This refers to the corridors on the floors and the foregrounds. Cold and unfriendly. We could have read only at the wellness at daytime if it hadn't been so cold. The lamps in the rooms lighted only downwards, it was impossible to read in bed with the lack of a reading-lamp.